We specialize in all implantology systems for crown and bridge-, as well as plastic work, namely Southern implants, Alphabio, Ankylos, Neodent, Straumann, MIS, Nobel Biocare and Zimmer implant systems. Southern implants consists of three different systems and they are, External hex, IT Connection, and TRI-NEX systems, which is the brightest ideas in dental implants. Alphabio implants also consists of three different systems namely, Screw Internal Hex, Arrow Press, and Arrow systems, which profides a perfect solution for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Ankylos implants basically comes in two types, the Ankylos C for a connection that is not indexed and Ankylos X for a connection that is indexed, and this system for a successful long-term hard and soft-tissue stability and long-term red-white esthetics. Neodent implants consists of four different types and they are TI-external hex, CM-morse taper, IIPlus-internal hex and GT-transgingival which makes Neodent much more than just dental implants. Straumann implants are divided into two different types and they are tissue- and bone level types. The tissue-level has three different systems, the Narrow Neck, Regular Neck and the Wide Neck. The Bone-level type works with a CrossFit connection which is divided into two groups, the Narrow CrossFit and Regular CrossFit. MIS implants consists of UNO, BIOCOM and SEVEN systems, which comes in different sizes, the Narrow-, Standard- and Wide Platform. MIS also has the C1 system which is called a Conical Connection Implant that also works on the Narrow-,Standard-and Wide Platforms. Noble Biocare implants consists of NobelActive, Nobelprocera, GoldAdapt Engaging/Non-Engaging, Snappy and NobelReplace Select, and these implants support the entire range of tooth-and implant-supported restorations. Zimmer implants are divided into two categories that are called the SwissPlus- and Taperd Screw-Vent Implant systems and they provide a scaffold for host tissue regeneration.