We specialize in crown and bridge work and all work is guaranteed for a period of one year depending on the Certificate of Warranty that is shown under the Photo Gallery & on the back of each invoice. For all our crown & bridge work (metal + zirconium) we always do our design with support for the porcelain, reason why: so that the porcelain of the crowns/bridges/implants don’t chip off the metal or zirconium. We can ensure Dr/patient that the porcelain will never chip off the metal or zirconium if the dental technician just design the metal + zirconium work correctly (with support) + the CTE of the porcelain corresponds with the type of metal used. Our Product Catalogue consists of GC VMK crowns and bridges(on any implant system), GC PC porcelain press crowns, GC PC full press posterior crowns,GC Initial LiSi for lithium disilicate substructures, Emax press crowns, BruxZir Solid Zirconia(Monolithic) full posterior- + anterior crowns, bridges, screw-retained implant crowns and inlays + onlays with no porcelain overlay. These crowns, bridges, screw-retained implant crowns and inlays + onlays are very strong and the new BruxZir Shaded formulation give restorations improved translucency and colour similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the posterior as well as anterior. Zirconia BruxZir crowns + bridges are done with a cut-back technique + with an overlay of different colours of GC porcelains. Our product catalog also consists of GC porcelain Zirconium crowns, Ceramic GC veneers, GC Full ceramic inlay/onlay, Temporary crowns and bridges, Shell temps with metal strengthners, Auro cast gold (semi-precious gold) crowns, Gold (precious alloy crowns), GC VMK’s on posts and GC VMK’s on multi posts. The GC VMK crowns and bridges, imlants + posts are made with a berrillium free metal called celaroy that is combined with GC Initial MC porcelain. The GC porcelain press crowns, GC full press posterior crown, Ceramic GC veneers and GC Full ceramic inlay/onlay are fabricated using GC Initial PC porcelain. The Zirconia(BruxZir) full or cut-back posterior crowns + bridges, screw-retained implant crowns and inlays + onlays and Porcelian Zirconium crowns are fabricated by using a Cerec(Cad/Cam) machine combined with GC Initial Zr-Fs porcelain. The metal that we use at our lab is ceraloy, its berrillium free, much safer for the patient and technician. All temporary crowns are made from Enamel plus temp material and all long span bridges can be combined with the celaroy metal strengthener to obtain a stronger bridge temp. if necessary. Eikestad Dental also uses GC Initial MC- and GC Initial Zr Porcelain Gum Shades to meet all the requirements for highly aesthetical gingival reproductions – for naturally beautiful transitions to the gingiva and unlimited creativity. In this 2 gum sets there are a gum opaque, base dark-, intensive red-, intensive violet-, base light-, and intensive cream porcelains that Eikestad Dental uses to meet all the requirements for aesthetic gingival reproductions .