General information of GC LiSi veneering porcelain for lithium disilicate substructures

Eikestad Dental just want to inform Dr that we are using a new veneering ceramic for our lithium disilicate substructures(crowns/veneers), GC Initial LiSi, regarding as the best ever porcelain for lithium disilicate frameworks.  The frameworks are still pressed in lithium disilicate pellets, the cut-back are done, and then the new GC Initial LiSi porcelain is applied.

For the past 4 years at Eikestad Dental all our Zirconium-, BruxZir-, implant- & vmk(pfm) crown&bridge work were done using GC porcelain and we haven’t had any problems with this porcelain, dental technicians rate it as one of the best porcelains they have ever worked with to create aesthetical crowns/bridges/implants of the highest quality.  For the first time, GC Initial LiSi offers the highest aesthetics, perfectly matched CTE, long-term patient satisfaction, low firing temperature, high stability during multiple firings and is a more cost effective option for most popular restorations.  GC Initial LiSi is a feldspar based ceramic with an optimized crystal structure, which results in more natural optical effects and a much higher stability offering superior natural aesthetics.

We use the different GC lustre NF pastes to glaze our pressable veneers/crowns with different effects, depending on the dentist or prosthodontist needs.

In the past we have used GC Initial PC for our pressable veneers/crowns, but it wasn’t on a lithium disilcate substructure/pellet), thus not that strong as GC Initial LiSi on a lithium disilcate pellet, but aesthetically very good.  If Dr prefer emax crowns/veneers, Eikestad Dental do manufacture them.  When manufacturing Emax crowns/veneers, we use Ivoclar porcelain on a lithium disilicate substructure (IPS Emax system).