Plastic Work (Acrylic Dentures,Flexi Dentures, C/C Acrylic/Flexi Dentures etc.)



We specialize in all plastics and the work is guaranteed for a period of 7 months depending on the Certificate of Warranty. Our product catalogue consists of  full/full dentures which includes 2 special trays and two occlusal blocks, full upper/lower dentures  which includes one special tray and one occlusal block,  partial 1 to partial 9, flexi dentures, chrome cobalt acrylic dentures, C/C flexi dentures, relines, denture cleaning+polishing of excisting dentures, upper dentures with clear palates, soft base dentures, soft base relines , repairs,  full/full dentures with lower soft base,  immediate dentures and full upper and/or full lower dentures on implants. We also provide gum tinting, one arm-, roach- or ball clasps, cast clasps, lingual or palatal bars, wire strengtheners and/or mesh strengtheners depending on the patient + clinical professional needs. At Eikestad Dental all patients recieve a denture info pamphlet to inform them what & what not to do with their dentures. Our dentures can also be manufactured with dental jewellery(\(\(IZI-jewellery), inlay to artificial teeth, one surface or multi surfaces-e.g horseshoe or L-type inlay.  Our flexi dentures are made using a T-crystal thermoplastic material, which bonds to acrylics and are suitable for all types of removable dentures, including implant-retained over dentures without any need of metal frame for reinforcement.  We also use vertex and Valplast flexi material depending on Dr’s needs.   At Eikestad Dental we always duplicate the working models for patial-, flexi- and C/C dentures to ensure that the fit is 100% on the original model, on this duplicating model the denture will be fitted, thus there will be no/less grinding on dentist/prosthodontist’s side to fit the denture in the patient’s mouth. All our acylic dentures are made, using Excell denture base, Vertex and/or Lucitone materials, combined with Vita (porcelain)-,Zenith-, Ivostar-,Monarch-, Vitapan and SR Phonares II denture(artificial) teeth.  Vita Lumin Vacuum is porcelain denture teeth which is combined out of different layers of porcelain.  Zenith teeth are cross-linked acrylic teeth  with a high wear resistance + replaced the old Dentron artificial teeth.  Ivostar denture teeth are composed of 3 layers, perfectly matched to the Gnathostar posterior teeth.   Monarch denture teeth are four layered and have a 5 year guarantee against excessive wear.  These teeth are a sophisticated polymer-composite that has physical properties such as, plaque adhesion resistance, improved colour stability, excellant bonding to denture bases, enhanced toughness and reduced chipping, and greater abrasion resistance and hardness. Vitapan Anteriors and Posterior teeth demonstrate outstanding physical properties. The impact resistance and innate elasticity of the material creates a tooth that can be ground without chipping. There is exceptional shade accuracy even after grinding the Vitapan tooth to a shell-like thickness. The Vitapan Tooth also demonstrates high polishability with no porosities.  Vitapan Teeth feature individual characterizations and a degree of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence that corresponds to naturalteeth.  Age-specific fine enamel cracks, calcification marks and dentine clouds are manually added to the anterior teeth to enhance their natural appearance.  SR Phonares II denture teeth is a new nano-hybrid composite(NHC)-based tooth, which outshine all existing denture teeth as far as aesthetics are concerned.  Eikestad Dental use the GC Gradia Gum Shades kit for gum tinting that is done on the surface of dentures with a light cure unit.  For gum tinting in denture bases we use a Kayon Synthetic tinting kit or the Vertex acrylic stainting kit that is done during the packing process of dentures.