Worthe specialize in Orthodontics and our product catalog consists of acrylic bite plates, ED biteplates, roberts retractor appliances, hawley retainers,trutain retainers, oral screens, tooth positioner(space maintainer),  snoring applainces, dual laminated bite plates, bionator appliances, twin block appliances and much, much more depending on the patient and/or clinical professional needs. These applainces can be incoporated with expansion screws, full occlusal bite plate, anterior/posterior bite plates, tongue guard, flat or inclined planes. These appliances have different methods to retain the applaince in the patients’ mouth and the following can be used to maintain the applaince; adams cribs, jackson cribs, ball clasps, single arm clasps and double arm clasps. Different springs can also be used to move teeth or arches, and they are single loop finger springs, double loop finger springs, buccal retraction springs, apron springs, coffin springs, flapper or T-springs, hooks for elastic traction and springs with tubing. All these wires and springs can be welded and soldered by using Universal solder(White/yellow). All our orthodontic applainces uses orthocryl and Ortho bright colour to obtain an excellant and workable applaince that will forfill the patients’ needs.  Eikestad Dental can make the appliance in any colour the patient prefers.  We also fabricate gum guards and bleaching trays, and these gum guards (ED mouthguards,trademark registered) can be made in different colours, namely clear, orange, white, black, red, green, blue, maroon, yellow, pink and etc., split clours can also be made. With these gum guards(mouthguards) a patient can request to put his/her name, own design, school emblem, stars, baloons and/or glitter on it. These gum guards also comes with our (a)manufacturing emblem, and (b)depending on what sport the patient exercise, a special type of material that offers more protection against injuries can also be used.  This mouthguard has a sponge protection that can prevent or reduce the degree of a concussion.